Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering research group, prof. Ville Alopaeus

 Chemical engineering research group has a strong tradition in practical industrial collaboration. The research methodology is based on natural sciences and mechanistic modeling of chemical processes. The research aims at developing methodology and tools that allow fast and reliable development and scale-up of new industrial chemical processes. Teaching in Chemical engineering aims at development of generic skills and fundamental understanding of chemical processes. This understanding can be applied in a wide variety of chemical technology fields and practical applications.

Chemical engineering research group focuses on three main topics:

  1. Measurement of phase equilibria relevant to chemical process industry. Especially measurement capabilities for vapor-liquid equilibria research are well developed.
  2. Microprocess technology, especially development of small scale distillation units. The technology is also applied in research of process intensification with integrated miniaturized chemical process plants.
  3. Modeling of thermodynamics, transport phenomena, and multiphase chemical processes. The aim in this focus area is to combine fundamental models describing molecular scale kinetics into unified integrated process modeling tools with high predictive power. These tools can significantly speed up traditional process development and design.

Annually about 1.5 doctoral students finish their doctoral thesis and about 5 master students finish their master thesis.

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