Visiting professor Ali Ahmadi

20. elokuu 2018

Professor Ahmadi joined us from the Department of Mining Engineering of Isfahan University of Technology in Iran.

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Goal- focused coaching for Hydro group members

14. elokuu 2018

The research group has been coached to improve laboratory practices

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Millennium Youth Prize on uusi teknologiakilpailu 14–18-vuotiaille nuorille.

24. huhtikuu 2018

Aalto-yliopisto ja Tekniikan Akatemia TAF järjestävät ensimmäistä kertaa teknologiakilpailun 14–18-vuotiaille nuorille.

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Group members received a grant for their contributions in writing an article to Materia- magazine

27. maaliskuu 2018

Prof. Lundström and doctoral student Antti Porvali along with other writers received the grant for their contributions in writing the article titled "Waste heaps may be set to reveal their content of critical metals".

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Welcoming our newest group member, Postdoctoral researcher Vivek Agarwal!

21. maaliskuu 2018

Dr. Agarwal joined us from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

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Our research on battery recycling was featured in a Finnish newspaper and magazine!

15. maaliskuu 2018

Research featured in Iltalehti and tekniikka & talous

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Doctoral Candidate Maria Leikola attended INFACON XV: International Ferro-Alloys Congress

9. maaliskuu 2018

The conference took place in Cape Town, South Africa on February 25th-28th

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Rakkaudesta tieteeseen 2018 - Turvallinen, joustava ja uudistuva yhteiskunta

15. helmikuu 2018

Research group leader Mari Lundström spoke at the event about lithium battery recycling.

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Congratulations to Tero Junnila for finishing his master's thesis

31. tammikuu 2018

"Batch leaching of gold in cupric chloride media"

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TRP-HEA Kick-off

26. tammikuu 2018

Scientists and Engineers Met to Discuss the Future of High Entropy Alloys

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Professor Mari Lundström - a Jury Member for Skolar Award 2017 at Slush

4. joulukuu 2017

Year 2017 winner Johan Seijsing received 100 000 € for fighting against antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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Student progress in rare-earth element recovery from magnets

6. marraskuu 2017

Students from our group are working on determining the feasibility of rare-earth element recovery from magnet waste.

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Group attendance at The 6th International Quo Vadis Recycling Conference

2. marraskuu 2017

Heini Elomaa was awarded the best student paper award.

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Mari Lundström was recently interviewed in El País newspaper about circular economy

2. marraskuu 2017

Professor Lundström discussed the need for societal responsibility and the research group's role in creating an improved circular economy.

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Trip to Lithium Industry Workshop in Würzburg

20. lokakuu 2017

Group members recently attended a workshop to learn about the state of European lithium manufacturing chain.

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Introducing Shila Jafari to the group!

10. huhtikuu 2017

Introducing our new postdoctoral researcher Shila Jafari to the group!

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Awarding of Scholarships and Prizes

6. huhtikuu 2017

Four doctoral students from the research group received motivational grants from Walter Ahlström Foundation.

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Research group's first HYPE-day!

19. joulukuu 2016

A big thank you for the whole research group for attending HYPE-day and making the day a success!


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Webpages for research group of hydrometallurgy and corrosion now up!

30. marraskuu 2016

New webpages include information about ongoing projects, facilities, members and research subjects.


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