Catalysis and Industrial Chemistry

The Catalysis and Industrial Chemistry research groups concentrate on research and teaching on catalysis and chemical reaction engineering.

Core areas of expertise are: preparation, characterization and testing of catalysts; catalytic reactions; modeling of reactions and reactors; catalytic conversion of biomass.

In the past, the group has studied extensively the following reactions: hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, dimerization, etherification, removal of sulphur and oxygen, isomerization, reforming, oxidation and hydroformylation. We combine our catalyst research with our expertise in reaction engineering especially in the conversion of biomass to value added chemicals and fuel components.

In 2017, new professors arrived to the group: Riikka Puurunen (Catalysis Science and Technology, February) and Yongdan Li (Industrial Chemistry, June).


<news no longer updated because of general Aalto-level website renewal to come. For recent activities, follow @AaltoCatalysis in Twitter and the Catalysis Professor's Open blog.>

5.4.2018 Programme of FYSFC2018 finalized, access through webpage and directly here.

26.2.2018 Finnish Young Scientist Forum on Catalysis 2018, registration link open

23.2.2018 Prof. Puurunen's Catalysis group is looking for summer trainees, application DL March 15. More in open positions.

19.2.2018 Finnish Young Scientist Forum on Catalysis 2018, page updated

24.1.2017 Members page restructured

17.12.2017 Overview of 2017 achievements published in Catprofopen

8.12.2017 Aquacat postdoc selected - thank you to all who applied

3.12.2017 New Aalto blog by Puurunen started: Catalysis Professor's Open (catprofopen)

28.11.2017 IndChemCat+ research day with VTT catalysis group at Bioruukki, > 20 participants.

15.11.2017 Industrial Chemistry professor Yongdan Li gave his installation lecture: "Industrial catalysis looks to the future".  

2.11.2017 Prof. Puurunen gave invited talk at 64th AVS Symposium.

1.11.2017 >100 applications received for postdoctoral position on aqueous phase reforming

23.10.2017 Open position info updated on Master's thesis on Catalysis.

23.10.2017 Prof. Li chaired and Zhao presented at 18th Chinese National Congress on Catalysis.

9.10.2017 Research paper on organosolv lignin published by Hakonen and coworkers

7.9.2017 Postdoctoral position open related to aqueous phase reforming

27.8.2017 The laboratory has three presentations at EuropaCat2017 conference - by Puurunen, Stekrova, Zhao, and coworkers.

18.8.2017 Noora Kaisalo from VTT defended her doctoral thesis - congratulations!

22.6.2017 Yongdan Li started as professor of Industrial Chemistry

11.5.2017 IndChemCat group has a new short webpage alias: 

27.4.2017 Twitter account created: @AaltoCatalysis. First tweet here.

12.4.2017 IndChemCat Members page published

31.3.2017 Tiia Viinikainen defended her doctoral thesis - congratulations!

29.3.2017 IndChemCat has open positions for summer trainees - apply by April 15th

29.3.2017 New CMET website opened

1.2.2017 Riikka Puurunen started as professor of Catalysis Science and Technology

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