The Industrial Chemistry and Catalysis group, led by two professors, has a senior lecturer and several postgraduate/postdoctoral researchers. In addition, several doctoral students are in connection with the group pursuing their studies at Finnish research institutes and companies.

Group leaders

Prof. Yongdan Li, Industrial Chemistry, room E404

Prof. Riikka Puurunen, Catalysis Science and Technology, room E412

Teaching personnel

D.Sc. Reetta Karinen, senior university lecturer, room E409


M. Sc. Jose Luis Gonzalez Escobedo, doctoral student, room E402

Lic. Sc. Johanna Hakonen, doctoral student, room E401

M. Sc. Yaseen Khan, doctoral student, E402

M. Sc. Minna Marin, doctoral student, E401 (on parental leave)

M. Sc. Eveliina Mäkelä, doctoral student, room E401

Dr. Tiia Viinikainen, postdoctoral researcher, room E409b

M. Sc. Rui Zhang, doctoral student, room E409b

Dr. Yingnan Zhao, postdoctoral researcher, room E402


Professor Leon Lefferts, University of Twente, room E401

M. Sc. Jingran Xiao, Tianjin University, room E402

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