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Master thesis worker for catalyst preparation with ZrO2 nanorods

Location: Industrial Chemistry, Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, Aalto University

Period: Five months

We are looking for master student as thesis worker for catalyst preparation. The thesis worker will first prepare ZrO2 nanorods as catalyst support, and subsequently load noble metal nanoparticles as catalyst, aiming for hydrogenation of CO2. The work will be supervised by a Postdoctoral Researcher, together with support from Prof. Yongdan Li (Aalto University) and Prof. Leon Lefferts (University of Twente, the Netherlands).

What you can expect

  • You will work progressively on a challenging and creative topic under careful supervision.
  • Intensive on-the-job training with experienced expert guarantees you quickly become familiar with your duties and perform them independently.
  • You will get experience as well as direct and plentiful overview on academic study of interdisciplinary research.
  • Good salary and benefit are of course in the package.

What we expect

  • You are doing or completing your master degree in chemistry or material science.
  • You have passed lab courses in inorganic chemistry, material synthesis, etc., showing you are familiar with lab works with safe handling.
  • You speaks fluent English.
  • You enjoy sharing your ideas with open mind, and working with a high level of responsibility.
  • It would be a plus if you have good willing to continue a PhD study in our research group.

Contact person

Dr Yingnan Zhao. Email: yingnan.zhao [at] aalto [dot] fi. Phone: +358 50 436 4127.


Please supply of list of all the courses you have done during Bachelor and Master study. The deadline is 17.12.2017.


Other Master's thesis positions

Prof. Riikka Puurunen is frequently getting inquiries from outside Aalto University for whether there are master's thesis students available with knowledge on the area of catalysis. Interested candidates, please contact R.L.P. to know more.


Doctoral students

No open positions at the moment.

Candidates with their own funding should feel free to contact R. L. P. at any time


Postdoctoral fellows

Candidates with their own funding should feel free to contact R. L. P. at any time.

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