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2018, Chemistry Select, "Ethanol Organosolv Lignin Depolymerization with Hydrogen over a Pd/C Catalyst"

2017, Fuel Processing Technology, "Hydrothermolysis of organosolv lignin for the production of bio-oil rich in monoaromatic phenolic compounds"

2017, Biomass Bioenergy, "Aqueous-phase reforming of methanol over nickel-based catalysts for hydrogen production"

2017, Catal Today, "Hydrodeoxygenation of model compounds on sulfided CoMo/γ-Al2O3 and NiMo/γ-Al2O3 catalysts; Role of sulfur-containing groups in reaction networks"

2017, Chemistry Select, "Toluene Oxidation in the Absence and Presence of CO, CO2, Water and H2 over ZrO2-Based Gasification Gas Clean-Up Catalysts"

Selected earlier publications

<more to come>

2016, Chemistry Select, "Liquid Phase Furfural Hydrotreatment to 2-Methylfuran on Carbon Supported Nickel Catalyst - Effect of Process Conditions"

2015, Chem Eng Sci, "1-Butanol dehydration in microchannel reactor: Kinetics and reactor modeling"

2009, Appl. Catal. A, "Acidic and basic surface sites of zirconia-based biomass gasification gas clean-up catalysts"

2006, Appl. Catal. A, "New biocomponents from glycerol"

2005, JCat, "Temperature-programmed desorption as a tool to extract quantitative kinetic or energetic information for porous catalysts"

Selected review articles

2017, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, "Review Article: Recommended reading list of early publications on atomic layer deposition—Outcome of the “Virtual Project on the History of ALD”.

  • This is an article with 62 co-authors and presents the first joint scientific article outcome of the Virtual Project on the History of ALD, a volunteer-based worldwide effort started in 2013, coordinated by Puurunen. Related webpage:, blog: 

2016, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, "A review of catalytic aqueous-phase reforming of oxygenated hydrocarbons derived from biorefinery water fractions" 

2015, Catal Sci Technol, "Review: monoclinic zirconia, its surface sites and their interaction with carbon monoxide"

2013, Journal of Applied Physics, "Crystallinity of inorganic films grown by atomic layer deposition: overview and general trends"

  • Updates the two-reactant ALD process info from the 2005 JAP review; overviews the crystallinity ALD processes. ISI highly cited review by Prof Puurunen with coworkers, written while at VTT.

2011, ChemSusChem, "Biorefining: Heterogeneously Catalyzed Reactions of Carbohydrates for the Production of Furfural and Hydroxymethylfurfural"

2005, Journal of Applied Physics, "Surface chemistry of atomic layer deposition: A case study for the trimethylaluminum/water process"

  • Basic introduction to ALD; overview of the two-reactant ALD processes; and case study for the model Al2O3 process. As of November 2017, world's 2nd most cited ALD review (times cited >1000), has been used as to teach ALD in various laboratories. Written by Prof Puurunen while a postdoc at IMEC, completed while at VTT.


Doctoral theses

Doctoral theses completed at / in connection with the laboratory - history currenlty reaching back to 1997. Supervising professors have been: Riikka Puurunen (2017- ), Juha Lehtonen, Outi Krause.  


2017 Noora Kaisalo Tar reforming in gasification gas cleaning
2017 Tiia Viinikainen Characterization of zirconia-based gasification gas clean-up catalysts
2016 Inkeri Kauppi The effect of H2S on oxidation properties of ZrO2-based biomass gasification gas clean-up catalysts
2016 Antti Kurkijärvi Biobutanol recovery using dual extraction process
2016 Ville Paasikallio Bio-oil production via catalytic fast pyrolysis of woody biomass
2015 Sonja Kouva Temperature-programmed methods for probing surface interactions on catalytic oxide
2015 Emma Sairanen Modification of carbon materials for catalyst applications
2015 Jinto Manjaly Anthonykutty Hydrotreating of tall oils on a sulfided NiMo catalyst for the production of base-chemicals in steam crackers
2014 Ella Rönkkönen Catalytic clean-up of biomass derived gasification gas with zirconia based catalysts
2013 Gutiérrez, Andrea Noble Metal Catalysts in the Production of Biofuels
2011 E.-M. Turpeinen Hydrodeoxygenation of methyl heptanoate and phenol over sulphided supported NiMo and CoMo catalysts
2009 Leif Backman Supported cobalt catalysts - preparation, characterization and reaction studies
2009 Heli Nyberg Evaluation of gun propelling charge performance during the life cycle by statistical utilization of data collected in test and troop gun firings
2008 Reetta Kaila Autothermal reforming of simulated and commercial fuels on zirconia-supported mono- and bimetallic noble metal catalysts
2008 Satu Korhonen Effect of support material on the performance of chromia dehydrogenation catalysts
2007 Tuomo Keskitalo Modelling of chemical reaction kinetics with data from temperature-programmed experiments
2007 Ilke Senol Hydrodeoxygenation of aliphatic and aromatic oxygenates on sulphided catalysts for production of second generation biofuels
2007 Teuvo Maunula Nox reduction by hydrocarbons and hydrogen on metal oxide and zeolite based catalysts in lean conditions
2007 Tarja Zeelie Rhodium and cobalt catalysts in the heterogeneous hydroformylation of ethene, propene and 1-hexene
2006 Väinö Sippola Transition metal-catalysed oxidation of lignin model compounds for oxygen delignification of pulp
2005 Sanna Airaksinen Chromium oxide catalysts in the dehydrogenation of alkanes
2005 Maija Honkela Dimerisation of isobutene on acidic ion-exchange resins
2004 Mohamed Lashdaf Preparation and characterisation of supported palladium, platinum and ruthenium catalysts for cinnamaldehyde hydrogenation
2004 Mikko Lylykangas Kinetic modeling of liquid-phase hydrogenation reactions
2003 Jaana Kanervo Kinetic analysis of temperature-programmed reactions
2003 Päivi Pääkkönen Kinetic studies on the etherification of C5-alkenes to fuel ether tame
2002 Reetta Karinen Etherification of some C8-alkenes to fuel ethers
2002 Riikka Puurunen Preparation by Atomic Layer Deposition and Characterisation of Catalyst Supports Surfaced with Aluminium Nitride
2002 Petri Rautanen Liquid phase hydrogenation of aromatic compounds on nickel catalyst
2001 Tuula-Riitta Viljava From biomass to fuels: hydrotreating of oxygen-containing feeds on a CoMo/Al2O3 hydrodesulfurization catalyst
2001 Elina Harlin Molybdenum and vanadium oxide catalysts in the dehydrogenation of butenes  
2001 Heidi Renius Activity and selectivity in hydroformulation: role of ligand, substrate and process conditions  
2000 Jouko Hepola Sulfur transformations in catalytic hot-gas cleaning of gasification gas
1999 Juha Linnekoski The etherification of 2-methylpropene, 2-methyl-1-butene and 2-methyl-2-butene with alcohols  
1999 Arja Hakuli Preparation and characterisation of supported palladium, platinum and ruthenium catalysts for cinnamaldehyde hydrogenation  
1998 Matti Reinikainen Cobalt and ruthenium-cobalt catalysts in CO hydrogenation and hydroformylation
1998 Pekka Simell Catalytic hot gas cleaning of gasification gas  
1997 Marita Niemelä Reactions of synthesis gas on silica supported transition metal catalysts
1997 Liisa Struckmann Equilibrium and kinetic studies on etherification: reactions of C5 and C6 alkenes with methanol and ethanol  

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