Finnish Young Scientist Forum on Catalysis

Finnish Young Scientist Forum on Catalysis, by the Finnish Catalysis Society, Espoo, Finland, 6 April 2018. Location: Dipoli, Espoo (Finland)

Finnish Catalysis Society has organized since 2016 an event ”Finnish Young Scientist Forum on Catalysis”. Our goal is to annually gather together scientists in the field of catalysis in Finland.  Applying the same practices as in the annual seminars of Finnish graduate schools, we offer all doctoral students a forum to present their research. In 2018, you can request to present your work as:

  • Full-length oral presentation (~15 min), for doctoral students and optionally for postdocs
  • Poster + 1-2 min oral, optionally doctoral students who presented last year, for postdocs, and optionally other researchers
  • Poster only, other than doctoral students

Programme starts at 10:00 (Palaver meeting room, Dipoli). After welcome words, we will have the plenary talk by Prof. Krijn De Jong, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, EFCATS Francois Gault lecturer: "Effects of size and location of metal nanoparticles in catalysis" (the lecture is part of Aalto course CHEM-1140). After the young scientist forum, we will have the annual meeting of the Finnish Catalysis Society.

Registration is now closed. (Registration involved filling in the title of your presentation and presentation highlights as bullet points (max 300 words)).

Schedule has been finalized, see here.

Twitter: #FYSFC2018, see also: #FinCatSoc


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