Materials Processing and Powder Metallurgy

The Research Group for Materials Processing and Powder Metallurgy (Prof. Michael Gasik)

Research group carries out highly international studies in materials processing, powder metallurgy, new materials solutions and their processing phenomena computer and experimental modelling. The core competence of the group is “materials design – manufacturing – structure – properties – testing – applications” thermodynamic and engineering modelling and management:
• Inorganic materials design and processing
• Materials phase equilibria calculation, phase compositions and reactions experimental studies
• Special materials solutions for industrial applications (high temperature processes, power generation, tools, coatings, biomaterials)
• Materials synthesis special processes (plasma, microwave energy and special treatment)
• Processes simulation and optimisation (fluid dynamics (CFD), heat and mass transfer, chemical processes kinetics, numerical modelling)
• Unique tailored combined analytical services (thermal calorimetry, thermogravimetry, dilatometry, gas analysis, thermal properties measurement, particle size analysis, fuel cell testing)

Research work is being intensively carried out in international projects (EU, IEA, Japan).

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