Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Modelling

The Research Group for Thermodynamics and Modelling (Prof. Pekka Taskinen)

The Group is responsible for teaching and research in metallurgical thermodynamics. The main areas of expertise are the materials properties related to equilibrium phenomena, experimental thermodynamics both at high temperatures and in aqueous solutions, and modelling of materials properties. The research projects focus on experimental thermodynamics. The industrial projects deal with metal-making processes in the areas of liquid and solid phases (e.g. flash smelting, roasting of sulphides, and salts decomposition by the fluidized bed technology). To support the experimental study, the group has databases and software for modelling and equilibrium calculations, and good connections to foreign research groups in the area. The Group is establishing National Centre of Thermodynamics, in cooperation with external partners.

Prof. Pekka Taskinen (CV, pdf)

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