• Hannu Johto (2014) 'Phase equilibria of selected sulfide impurity systems at elevated temperatures'
  • Ali Bunjaku (2013) ’The Effect of Mineralogy, Sulphur, and Reducing Gases on the Reducibility of Saprolitic Nickel Ores’
  • Petri Kobylin (2013) ’Thermodynamic Modelling of Aqueous Metal Sulphate Solutions’
  • Iina Vaajamo (2013) ’Developing a Thermodynamic Database for Lead-Based Alloys’.

 Licentiate theses

  • Madeleine Scheidema (2012) ‘Utilization of Metallurgical Residues and Minimization of Energy Consumption by Regeneration of Waste Streams’.
  • Vaajamo Iina (2011) A thermodynamic assessment of the X-Pb (X=Co,Cr,Fe,Ni) binary systems

Master’s theses

  • Olli Kalliala (2014) 'Autogenous linings in high copper concentration slags'
  • Katri Avarmaa (2014) ’Distribution of Precious Metals between Copper Matte and Slag’
  • Kaisa Miettinen (2013) ’Impact of Copper Concentrate Quality on Smelter Material Flow’.
  • Oskari Karhuvaara (2012) ‘Probing the Molten Phases in a Flash Smelting Furnace’
  • Niko Hellstén (2012) ’Viscosity of tin alloys’
  • Markus Aspiala (2012) ‘Thermodynamic Properties of Antimony, Tellurium and Bismuth Oxides’          
  • Hanna Sahivirta (2012) ‘Impact of SO2 and H2O in cyclic hot-corrosion’
  • Joseph Hamuyuni (2012) ‘Measurement of Surface Tension in Base Metal Sulfide Mattes by an Improved Sessile Drop Method’ (jointly supervised, Stellenbosch University, RSA).
  • Jansson Jani (2011) Heat transfer and solidification of slag cleaning furnace slag
  • Pietilä-Kleb Kalle (2011) Reduction of nickel saprolite ore in CO/CO2 -atmosphere
  • Ikonen Leena (2011) Patents in technology analysis
  • Pekkarinen Saara (2011) The use of lateritic nickel ores and their calcination
  • Patana, Sonja (2011) Roasting of selenium from anode slime
  • Kekkonen Mikko (2010) Visualization of the flash smelting technology
  • Hietanen Pilvi (2010) Equilibria and thermodynamics of sulfidic impurity system and a study of the Ag-Te system with the emf technique
  • Johto Hannu (2009) Chemistry of impure zinc sulfide roasting
  • Kainulainen Iina (2009) Modifying properties of nickel smelting slags for utilization

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