Mission, vision and objectives

W2 is an initiative or provide valuable products out of waste.
W2 aspires to become the professional body to which national and international policy makers, regulators and market participants turn for competent guidance.
Prepares pro-active proposals and objective assessments for technical, market and policy issues related to the national waste management systems in general and global zero waste society in particular.
W2 hopes to create a new legacy that will help lead to a cleaner environment while fostering innovation, creating jobs and strengthening economy locally and globally.
To meet the upcoming global challenges of waste management related issues:
There is a need of group of professionals to dedicate their skills in the waste management sector.
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At Aalto at the moment, there is holistic approach specifically dealing with waste management related issues but research groups are working on specific themes. 
Through effective research, communication and their engagement in the decision-making processes; the objective of W2 is to facilitate the establishment of national and international policies and initiatives that strengthen the utilization of waste, enhance infrastructure and technology for a more sustainable and cleaner environment.
W2 is an interdisciplinary waste management innovation community located at Aalto University. We bring together waste management practitioners, policy makers, and experts from Economics, Environmental, Engineering, Social and Management Sciences.


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