Research projects

This page contains information regarding ongoing projects and interesting prior projects. International and national co-operation is active in many projects. Research projects in Polymer Technology are funded by Academy of Finland, Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) and industrial partners.

Active projects

Design Driven Value Chains in the World of Cellulose (DWoC), Tekes, 2013-2018 Picture2_350x232.jpg

A multi-disciplinary research collaboration project funded by Tekes, focused on finding new and innovative applications for cellulosic materials. The DWoC project combines design thinking and design-driven prototyping with a strong competence in technology development. The goal is to make Finland the source of value-added cellulosic products and business concepts and to accelerate the transformation of the current large-scale forest industry into a dynamic ecosystem for the bioeconomy containing both large and small-scale businesses. Major application areas include textiles, fashion, interior decoration, health products, architecture and construction.


3D-Biomat-project, Academy of Finland Bio-Future program 

Novel biomaterials for 3D fabrication 

The project combines the in depth knowledge of three research groups from different fields in a complementary manner. Involved are Professor Jukka Seppäläs research group of Polymer technology, Professor Orlando Rojas BiCMat-research group and Professor Jouni Partanens Advanced Production Technologies research group. 

The 3D-Biomat project focuses on three areas:printing_350x125.jpg

  • Synthesis and development of polymeric biomaterials.
  • Application of the developed materials using advanced 3D production technologies.
  • Analysis of the value chain all the way to novel exploitation models in order to achieve a societal impact.


Cra-Max-S,Tekes, 2017-2020

Patient specific composite scaffolds for treatment of large craniomaxillofacial defects. sample3.png

The Cra-Max-S project is research collaboration project combining in depth knowledge from:

  • Research Group of Polymer Technology at Aalto University
  • Advanced Production Technologies research group at Aalto University
  • Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases, University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital
  • Department of Biomaterials Science and Technology, University of Twente (The Netherlands). 

The aim of the Cra-Max-S project is to create new personalized treatments for healthcare and improve treatment results in large bone defects in the cranio-maxillofacial area by developing a functional workflow for producing custom made implants.


Examples of prior projects

ArtiVasc 3D 

The research group participated in a four year long (2011-2015) project called ArtiVasc 3D, that was funded under the EU´s 7th Framework Programme. The goal of the project was to develop vascularized artificial skin using 3D fabrication techniques.Via this link you can read an Aalto news article regarding the project. Below a video about the project.



Polymer Technology research group coordinated “Bio and nanopolymers” Centre of Excellence in 2002-2007.

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